February 27 Saturdays at Six Concert (All Souls Church)

The Anima Brass Quintet will perform at the next “Saturdays at Six” concert at All Souls Church in Stony Brook Village (61 Main St) on February 27. Anima Brass is a dynamic quintet of brass musicians dedicated to reinvigorating chamber music as an artistic medium. The group will explore the Russian music of Victor Ewald, who composed some of the first notes for the brass chamber ensemble. Moving into Europe, Anima offers selections by Brahms, the great throwback to Classicism, and a set of madrigals that lined English high society. Jumping across the pond, we’ll take us to Broadway with the great American composer Bernstein in selections from West Side Story. There will be a 15 minute intermission and refreshments will be served.
Please join us for a free (donations accepted) memorable night of music and fellowship in the historic Stanford White-designed chapel. The program will begin promptly at 6:00pm. All Souls Church collects food each week to help feed the hungry at the St Cuthbert’s food pantry. Please bring a can of food to donate if you want to help feed the hungry in our community. “Lend a hand, bring a can.” Please call 631-655-7798 for more information.