“NIKOLA TESLA:Past, Present, Future” Opens July 8 in Stony Brook Village


Stony Brook, NY – An amazing summer-long exhibit featuring the brilliance of revolutionary inventor Nikola Tesla will open July 8 at Ward Melville Heritage Organization’s Educational & Cultural Center in Stony Brook Village.

The first exhibit of its kind on Long Island, it was designed and implemented by the Tesla Science Center.  Visitors will step into a virtual time machine of innovation with exhibits that highlight the genius of a man whose inventions electrified history, power the present and shape the future. Many models of his inventions will be on display including the famous Tesla Coil and original Tesla Laboratory at Shoreham (Wardenclyffe).

An Outdoor Car Showcase will also be held on July 9 from noon to 3 pm with a 2017 Tesla Model X SUV, a 2017 Tesla Model S Sedan, a 2008 Original Tesla Roadster 2-door sports car and an impressive array of various antique cars.  The Roadster will also be featured inside the Cultural Center for the duration of the exhibit. Additionally, on August 27 at 2 pm, internationally renowned physicist, Dr. Sebastian White, a member of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and great-grandson of Stanford White, will speak about Nikola Tesla and his connection with Long Island cultural figures and the international scientific community. (Famed architect Stanford White was one of Nikola Tesla’s original investors.)

Partially sponsored by Astoria Bank, the exhibit will be open through September 4, seven days per week from 10 am to 5 pm at the Cultural Center, located at 97P Main Street in the rear of the Stony Brook Village Center. The cost for all components of the exhibit is $7 pp for adults and $5 pp  for children  ages 5 to 11.  For further information call 631-689-5888 or visit stonybrookvillage.com.