A Tribute to Erik Halvorsen

A Tribute to Erik Halvorsen


Caption L-R:  Laura Huang-Ernst, WMHO Trustee;  Gloria Rocchio, WMHO President; Leif Halvorsen unveiled the plaque in honor of his father Erik Halvorsen; Dr. Richard Rugen, WMHO Chairman; Lilli Halvorsen (daughter of Erik and Britt Halvorsen); Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman, Valerie Cartright; Emilia Retzlaff (friend of the Halvorsen family); Britt Halvorsen (wife of Erik Halvorsen); Liv Halvorsen (daughter of Erik and Britt Halvorsen)


Stony Brook, NY  — Family and friends of Erik Halvorsen, along with Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman, Valerie Cartright and Ward Melville Heritage Organization trustees, came together on the Stony Brook Village Green recently to celebrate his life.  Erik was the former owner of Norse Tree and passed away tragically last November.

Jeff Owen of Owen Brothers, donated a dogwood tree and the Ward Melville Heritage Organization donated a boulder from the historic Mount House with a bronze plaque that reads:


Erik Halvorsen

Our Arborist…He Cared


“Oak K”



The area selected for the placement of the tree and plaque (next to the Jennie Melville Gardens) was done so not only for its beauty and peacefulness but because of Erik’s help with revitalizing that area and the entire Village Green.  Three Village residents made donations toward the project and their generosity exceeded the original cost.  That balance was given to Erik’s widow, Britt Halvorsen.  There are only three other plaques on the Village Green.  One is dedicated to Jennie Melville and the other two to Ward and Dorothy Melville.