August 11

The Buzz Around Town…

I hope everyone is staying cool!
I came to town with my niece the other day and she now loves the village as much as I do! She’s going to her first year of college in the fall and picked up quite a few things at LOFT (by the way they are having a great sale). She was also thrilled to see so many PokemonGo locations here! She said there are eight spots in the Village, not that I would know anything about that, but it was fun having her try to teach me! What fun! She’s a level 11 – pretty good!!

We also stopped at Robinson’s Tea Room and had a great lunch outdoors on the patio. I noticed new outdoor tables with a chess board built into each one! How clever! I play all the time so I will definitely come back with a friend and bring my chess pieces so we can play. We also noticed that fall registration is now open for Roseland’s School of Dance. I’ve heard great things about them. My nieces would love that so I have to let my sister know.

We also stopped at Crabtree & Evelyn before leaving to pick up a few of their summer skin care items – I love their Summer Hill moisturizing cream and it was great that there was a 30% off sale too! The sun can really dry your skin and their products are great! My niece opted for Blue Salon & Spa’s skin care product called Eminence which is amazing as well!

Have you seen the shrubs that were removed down by Chico’s and Wish? Wow what a difference it makes! You can see such an expansive view of the harbor now and so many more of the shops from Main Street as well! What a smart idea that was! I never knew there was a waterfall and pond in that area of the Village Green. Such a peaceful spot.

I couldn’t have picked a better place to have a great day out with my niece before she heads off to college!

Ciao for now…Suzie Q