Cervo Design Creates Cool Italian Solutions For The Home

February 16, 2021

Cervo Design in Stony Brook Village Center has a creative passion that is evident in not only the European lines of kitchen, office, home and commercial solutions it carries, but in the detailed architectural and design expertise it offers its customers.

It’s the place to come if you want create a look that’s truly spectacular for your home or business.

“We are like a boutique where you can come and we’ll help you with everything, from reimagining a space (including architectural structure and detail), flooring, tile, backsplash, furniture, even down to how outlets in a room should be placed and proper lighting,” said Andrea Cervo, founder of Cervo Design.

The product lines are like nothing you’d ever find in a large home improvement chain. Hailing primarily from Italy, kitchen cabinet and storage brands such as Zecchinon are of superior quality and offer versatile and functional options to cater to individual needs and tastes. Soft close drawers can be fitted with dividers; cabinets are available with LED lighting or with an electronic push button closure. Cabinets and pantries are individually created to serve the homeowner’s needs. And the sleek, European styling is unmistakably unique and very sturdy.

Modern Sensibility

The newest designs that the full-service architectural and design studio will be carrying are from Euromobil. The Kitchen Atmospheres collection features modern sensibility in gorgeous metal and wood designs. The manufacturer also offers entertainment units, high end living room furniture, kids and teenagers rooms and closet storage solutions. In fact an entire room can be planned incorporating wallpaper, blankets and more.

“It’s a full composition,” Cervo said.

Other product lines include Office Solutions from Zalf for home or corporate use. Desks, shelves and storage can be situated to facilitate interaction or privacy and can be complemented with functional accessories for different tasks to improve efficiency and creativity.

Closet, Bedroom, Library and Home Entertainment

Zalf Living Nights Solutions offer closets, bedrooms, shelving, storage, library and entertainment units that incorporate an installed ‘floating’ design to maximize floor space and create a clean, modern look.

Young Solutions by Zalf offers kids room designs that are lively and cheerful. Practical, integrated solutions are offered in storage, beds and desk items to create an overall “cozy, eclectic and dreamy” atmosphere.

Another new Italian line the design studio is offering is Ardeco for the bath. This very exclusive collection includes gorgeous vanity, shelving and sink combinations, many in modern ‘floating” styles, and offered in a range of truly remarkable finishes. To pull an entire design concept together, the collection also includes something new in the U.S. market: wall paper for inside the shower.

When a property owner works with Cervo, they don’t need to work with different entities to pull a project together such as manufacturers/retailers, designers, architects and construction contractors, since Cervo offers all of these services under one roof.

“We take care of the design, measurement, renderings and proposals,” Cervo said. “We do all the building, lay-out and construction.”

A Passion for Design

Andrea Cervo has an affinity for fine Italian design; her family is from Italy and Spain. She grew up in Argentina and always had an interest in art and design, even though much of her family is in medicinal fields.

She attended the Universidad de Buenos Aires and graduated with a degree in architecture and interior design and moved to the United States 20 years ago, when she started a home design business. She currently owns the business with her husband and has three sons. Her husband, Hernando, handles much of the coordination on projects. She moved the design studio to Stony Brook in 2018. It’s here where you can see samples of the beautiful Italian and European looks she can provide.

In addition to design consultation, space planning and complete room design, Cervo also does staging and corporate design work. She’s also worked with contractors and developers to create interior designs for larger projects, along with restaurants and offices to create inviting and practical spaces.

Updating and Enhancing Existing Spaces

While much of the design and architectural work she does skews toward modern Euro looks, Cervo has also worked on projects in historic properties. The studio worked with a c.1800s home where the homeowner wanted to create a more open floor plan. The job included reinforcing the previously fragmented structure of the house, changing the stairs and relocating the entrance. While maintaining some of the home’s original elements, including the fireplace and built-in shelves, she re-did the closets and the kitchen while opening up the space to appear less closed off.

She also had the privilege of working with well-known Argentinian architect Edwardo Lacroze on a recent project in Locust Valley. Lacroze has written several books and has been featured on HGTV. Again, on that project she was called upon to mix older and newer looks, combining textures and breathing new life into the home.

Instead of focusing on design trends, Cervo prefers to help clients create their own look based on their personality, and to offer them smart solutions depending on how the space will be lived or worked in.

“I love to be creative and to do an entire project,” Cervo said. “People are surprised that we can offer so much.”

Cervo Design

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