Girl Scouts Receieve Bronze Award For Stony Brook Project

February 16, 2021

Girl Scout Troop 2907 of Setauket was recently given a Bronze Award for their creation of a Hydrologic Model, the water cycle at the Ward Melville Heritage Organization’s Ernst Marine Conservation Center at West Meadow Creek.

Using all recycled materials, their creation demonstrates the movement of water from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere and back again, providing living organisms with the water they need to survive. Troop leaders were Gina Gamez and Lorri Saverese. To educate the public about the importance of protecting our water resources, the model will be used in WMHO’s educational programs including “The Coastal Ecology Program,” “Electronic Explorations: The Salt Marsh Ecosystem” and “Summer of Science.” For full information on these onsite and distance learning programs call 631-751-2244 or visit

Caption: Deborah Boudreau, WMHO’s Education Manager with Troop 2907.