KAH Physical Therapy & Fitness Work To Get You Movin Again

February 16, 2021

KAH Physical Therapy & Fitness in Stony Brook takes a hands-on approach with each of its clients to help relieve pain, increase mobility and get them back to doing the activities they enjoy.

KAH Physical Therapy works with everyone. Specialized treatments are provided for infants, seniors, and all ages between. Patients regularly visit the office for help with conditions and dysfunctions of various systems of the human body. Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, an active community member, or live a sedentary lifestyle they are trained to help you.

“What makes us different is our one-on-one approach to treatment,” said Kimberly Harris, DPT and owner of KAH Physical Therapy & Fitness. “Treatment is individualized. We talk to each patient to see what’s going on and then we set a regiment to maximize what they get out of their therapy.”

Growing up in Setauket, Harris said she was inspired to pursue a career in physical therapy after suffering a knee injury playing high school basketball. At that time, she didn’t have surgery but went to physical therapy and she was able to resume playing after treatment.

“It’s all about helping people get back to doing what makes them happy,” she said.

Harris went on to study at Boston University and then came back to Stony Brook University to get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Starting in a small office by the Stony Brook train station in 2011 her roster of clients began to expand. In 2013, KAH Physical Therapy moved into an existing physical therapy location in Stony Brook Village which she had previously worked at early in her career.

“I love the community feel of the Village,” she said. “It’s so peaceful and beautiful.”

Harris takes pride in her very well educated staff. Both well established therapists at KAH Physical Therapy hold a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree(DPT). KAH has been serving the Stony Brook community with a unique rehabilitation experience specializing in hands-on manual therapy with an emphasis on the individual for the past 6 years. We offer a functional approach to biomechanical, neurological, and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Working together as a team, the KAH Physical Therapists have trained over a dozen physical therapy students from Stony Brook University to work towards becoming experts in the field.

Many times, when the physical therapy is complete, the doctors at KAH encourage patients to continue with certain stretches, exercises or activities to maintain the advances they’ve made.

The office in Stony Brook offers gym memberships to patients or members of the community who want to be able to continue doing strengthening exercises in the comfort of a smaller gym setting.

Members of KAH Fitness can receive personal training advice to ensure they are doing the exercises correctly, and to help them set and reach goals for strength, mobility or flexibility.

“It’s important to continue moving after physical therapy,” Harris said. “We try to instill in people the importance of physical activity for the body and the mind.”


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