The Buzz Around Town with Suzie Q


March 2020

Hello Friends!

I know most of you are home so here are some ideas I thought I would share with you – Don’t get dizzy, let’s get busy!

Spring will officially be here on Friday – I know what I want to do to celebrate it’s arrival: Spend the day outside with my family, in the fresh air at my favorite place – Stony Brook Village!

We got to the village pretty early this morning – I called Crazy Beans ahead of time to place an order for a lavender ice coffee and breakfast wrap for myself, and two egg sandwiches for my husband and my oldest – the youngest asked for blueberry pancakes from Sweet Mama’s so we called in the order there as well. We ate our breakfast out under the umbrellas by Crazy Beans.


Passing by Blue Salon reminded me that I had to schedule an appointment to get my hair done – I stopped in briefly to make the appointment for next week, and was extremely excited to find that they were offering 20% off of gift cards for the time being. A gift card and a care package from Madison’s Niche (it included a candle, a mug, a book, hand soap, a beautiful tray and a bag!) is perfect for my sister’s birthday in a few weeks!

I am so thankful that the sun is finally shining bright outside! I forgot my sunglasses at home, and since we will be out all day, I decided to run into Wiggs Opticians to get a new pair.

We rented bikes from TEB North Country for a few hours (you can rent them for the whole day too!) – and were pleasantly surprised to find that they had two seater options as well.

It was the early afternoon by the time our bike ride was finished – perfect timing for us to grab a snack and place our lunch orders. We stopped by Chocolate Works to pick out a little treat (we got chocolate coins and are going to have a scavenger hunt later!). I was so excited when I saw their Chocolate Bunny Cottage to-go kits – It’ll be so much fun for the kids to decorate their own little cottages! Plus, they also had an entire corner devoted to different board games to purchase and bring home! Speaking of things to bring home, Cottontails had a wide variety of books and toys for children of all ages!

We placed our lunch orders from Fratelli’s. We got a pizza to share –  plus we also ordered roasted chicken wings and a ceasar salad to share from Pentimento! We walked over to the T. Bayles Minus Mill Pond Park across from the Stony Brook Grist Mill to eat our lunch, picnic style! The kids had so much fun watching the birds, I made a mental note to call Camera Concepts and Telescope Solutions to order binoculars for bird watching and a camera for photography – this is the perfect time for all of us to get into the spirit of finding new and healthy hobbies!

As we were about to head into Avalon Park (we had to go the entrance on Shep Jones Lane because they are doing construction), I found that I had a huge stain on my jacket – before we leave the village I need to drop it off at Harbor Cleaners to get it dry-cleaned.

We returned to the Stony Brook Shopping Center after our walk to pick up dessert at Premiere Pastry – their single serve delights looked (and tasted!) heavenly. We settled on adorable spring cupcakes and macaroons!

I stopped into the Crushed Olive to pick up some lemon-infused oil (because it is delicious and packed with vitamin C! The blood orange-infused oil (also packed with vitamin C!) also caught my eye – It would be a fun addition to the brownies we were going to make tomorrow! Passing by the Village Florist, I couldn’t help but phone in an order of flowers for delivery to brighten up my house – I think that sometimes – especially right now, stopping and smelling the flowers is just what everybody needs!

I shopped in Mint and saw that they were doing an elevated gift card promotion – a perfect college graduation gift for my niece – the more you spend, the more you save! 

My family and I met at the Village Coffee Market. We ordered our coffees and drank them out on the Stony Brook Village Green – Watching the sunset over Stony Brook Harbor.

After such an active day, I decided I didn’t really want to cook – so we ordered curbside pickup from the Country House. We got meals to share and my husband and I were even able to order our favorite bottle of wine or cocktails to go!

With everything that the world is dealing with right now, it is days like this – spent in a beautiful, safe place – that remind you just how spectacular life is and that it goes on despite its obstacles.

Wishing you all Health and Happiness….Ciao for now

Suzie Q