Live a Vibrant Life: Discover the “Third Age”

Stony Brook, NY – The Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) and Burner Law Group, P.C. will launch unique, groundbreaking programming focused on the vitality, wisdom and life experiences shared by the 50 plus generation – “The Third Age.”

Through various events such as virtual travel experiences, cyber security workshops or master classes with special guests, participants are invited to come, listen and share their own inspirational stories.  The focus is to motivate others to live their best lives by identifying, owning and cultivating their life purpose, with the understanding that their purpose may change over time.

This first of its kind program on Long Island and the first in the series, Live a Vibrant Life, Discover The Third Age, will take place March 21 from 1 pm to 2:30 pm at WMHO’s Educational & Cultural Center, 97P Main Street, Stony Brook Village featuring a Da Ponte/Mozart Opera Workshop.  Cara Vertucci, lyric soprano, will perform a variety of arias and Jeff Norwood, a music history teacher at the Aaron Copland School of Music/Queens College and the owner of Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions, will facilitate.

The event will be launched by Nancy Burner Esq., elder law trust and estate attorney (pictured), who will share her vision and creation of The Third Age concept. “We have childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and then what …? The oldest baby boomers turned 70 this year. This critical mass could live another 20 years or more. They have the opportunity to re-define aging by using their unique wisdom and stories of success and failure rather than hiding behind the triumphs of their youth,” she says.

Gloria Rocchio, President of WMHO, says, “There are Baby Boomers, there’s Generation X and now there’s The Third Age.  We are most excited about our collaboration with Burner Law Group as we discover the wealth of knowledge this special segment of the population has to offer.”                   

Cost for the program is $15 pp and refreshments will be served.  Call 631-689-5888 for reservations and visit or for details on upcoming programs.