Winter Break Program: Tepee Ted of the Traveling Wilderness Museum

Stony Brook, NY – The Ward Melville Heritage Organization will connect 6 to 9 year olds to nature with an educational and fun program by Tepee Ted of the Traveling Wilderness Museum, Tuesday, February 20 through Thursday, February 22 from 10 am to Noon each day.

Taking place inside WMHO’s Educational and Cultural Center in the Stony Brook Village Center, students will enjoy an interactive experience including proper use of bows and arrow, the role story-telling played in Native American experience and other hands on activities with deer skins and bones. Children can experience being inside his tepee structure (a dwelling commonly used year-round by the North American Plains Indians) as they learn how Native children gained the skills and knowledge necessary to live comfortable lives in the wilderness. Indian drums, games and jewelry created from, wood, shells and beads complete the adventure.

The cost is $90 pp for all 3 days (per day pricing is $35 pp.)  Advance reservations are required and there is a 10 person minimum.  For additional information or to reserve call 631-751-2244.