T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond and Park
Village Center Environs
Main Street, Stony Brook, NY 11790
(631) 751-2244

Across the road from the Stony Brook Grist Mill is one of Long Island’s environmental treasures. The eleven-acre Mill Pond, or Lower Pond, is spring fed from the Upper Pond located on Rhododendron Road. The Setalcott Indian clan called this aquatic linkage Cutsgunsuck which translates as “brook laden with stones” or Stony Brook, as the entire area is known today. Low Island, in the middle of the pond, is a nesting place for local waterfowl. In the 1800’s, grapes for winemaking were grown in this area. The water from the Mill Pond has driven the wheel at the Grist Mill since 1699.  T. Bayles Minuse Park is a popular spot where generations of children have visited the ducks and swans. The park’s Sensory Garden features plants with a variety of scents and textures for the enjoyment of both sighted and visually impaired visitors.