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Suzie Q




August 2, 2017

Suzie Q here with my Buzz Around Town!

I haven’t been here for a while and boy there is a lot going on!  There are so many people riding bikes after renting them at North Country Gas and I’m including myself in that group!    I rode along the back-roads and byways and not only was it beautiful, but such fun!

Have you seen the Sand Street bathhouse?! The entire area has been totally renovated.  The landscaping is something you have to see!  Everything was done in-house by the Town of Brookhaven Parks Department so a big thank you to Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilwoman Valerie Cartwright.

Have you heard? Yoga classes will be starting on the Village Green on August 9th with Jackie Corrigan.  They will take place every Wednesday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.  If it rains, the yoga classes will be in the Educational and Cultural Center but I’m all signed up with a few of the ladies –HERE!

I love all seasons here but of course summer is so special!  Besides a great bike ride you can rent paddleboards and kayaks at Stony Brook Harbor and, get this, they have paddleboard yoga as well so check their website:  www.sbharborrentals.com

Tom Manuel, President of The Jazz Loft, is having his Harbor Jazz Festival August 9th through August 13th – I can’t wait! His website is: www.thejazzloft.org

Lisa and Dennis from Pentimento are now serving Whisper Vineyards wine from St. James. They received gold medals at an event in Washington, D.C. I tried their 2010 Chardonnay…it’s just great!.  Mom and I had lunch on their outdoor patio…it’s a little oasis in Stony Brook!

Have you seen the Tesla Exhibit at the Educational and Cultural Center.  There are so many fun and interactive things there and I had no idea what a genius Nikola Tesla was. They have a “2008 founders edition” signed Tesla Roadster on display which is outstanding and the ninth one off the assembly line!

I saw that Dr. Sebastian White, the internationally renowned physicist will be speaking at the exhibit on August 27th at 2 pm. He’ll talk about Nikola Tesla and his connection with Long Island cultural figures and the international scientific community. Did you know that the famous architect Stanford White was an investor in Nikola Tesla’s work and Dr. White is his great grandson? The church right next to where he is speaking was designed by Stanford White.  How amazing is that!

The Cultural Center is also having the Lego Exhibit again this September.  I picked up an entry form for my nephew who has entered each year!  You can go to the village website and download the form and get all the details!  www.stonybrookvillage.com

There so much more going on but until next time…

Ciao, Suzie