STONY BROOK, NY – August 31, 2022; Join the Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO) in rediscovering the lives of Long Island’s 19th century free Black, Native-Black, and Black-White people on Saturday, September 24 at their in-person program, William Sidney Mount and Long Island’s Free People of Color at the Brewster House. Two sessions, 1:00pm – 2:30 and 2:30pm – 4:00pm. $8 per person. Books are available for purchase. Limited seats available, registration required.


The Three Villages may be the only community in America with a world-famous hometown artist who painted people of color during the mid-1800s. The Brewster House (c. 1665) was the focus of Mount’s Long Island Farmhouses now hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of art, and it is believed that many of the people featured in Mount’s work lived on the property and worked for the Brewster family.


Presenting ground-breaking research, authors Katherine Kirkpatrick and Vivian Nicholson-Mueller will reveal the names and life stories of the agricultural laborers, domestic workers and musicians who posed for Mount from their book The Art of William Sidney Mount: Long Island People of Color on Canvas. This event will also highlight co-author Vivian Nicholson-Muller who is a descendant of Andrew Brewster, the model who posed for The Bone Player. After a presentation, participants are encouraged to ask questions and are invited to tour the historic Brewster House (c. 1665), owned by the WMHO.


Register by calling the Ward Melville Heritage Organization at 631-751-2244.